Easiest Ways for Getting PSN Codes

Easiest Ways for Getting PSN Codes

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If you are wondering what PlayStation Network is you’ve come to the right place to find all about it. PlayStation Network is an online shop where once you get a membership and become either a premium user or regular you get benefits like free monthly games or additional content. The way it works is that you can buy the games with actual money or with PSN codes. There are many ways to acquire these codes that unlock the full content of the game with some additional content like upgrades, badges, etc.

How do PSN Codes work?


Because Sony is aware how their consoles and games that are released on them are becoming popular, they want to reward their fans and what better way they giving away codes for games. You can get these codes by visiting sites like GetPSN or and get a chance for winning a code. Once you get the code, all you need to do is go to PSN, select the game that you want to unlock and insert the code to complete the purchase.

Completing Sony surveys.

Another easy way to acquire PSN codes is to complete surveys about Sony’s products and merchandise and as a reward get a PSN code. These codes are randomized, and you don’t know what code you got until you check it online. It might be a code for the mediocre game or it might just be a code for the huge upcoming game that you’ve been waiting for. So become a useful member of gaming society and complete these surveys to get as many codes as you can. There is a cooldown timer so that you stack too many codes but have in mind that every code is worth money, and you get it for free!

Exchange Codes on Network.

You can actually exchange PSN codes on forums, gaming networks and similar sites. If you have a game that you completed 100 percent, unlocking every content in it and getting all the achievements, you might not want to play it again. You can exchange the code for that game with another code for a new game from another user. This way you get a new game for an old one. You never know when someone is looking for the game that you have, so get out there and search for ads and people that are looking for an exchange. You can also ask for a free game on certain forums, where players are basically giving away codes for games for some upvotes.

There are many ways to get free PSN codes, and we have shown you just a couple, but these are definitively the easiest ways to get the codes online. Once you start stacking your PSN codes, you can think about exchanging them or even selling them online. The possibilities are limitless where these codes work as a currency for gamers. Use this to your advantage and you can earn serious amounts of money.

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How to Reach More Followers on Instagram?

How to Reach More Followers on Instagram?

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We bring you some simple tips to ensure that you will soon increase the number of followers on Instagram. This social network is like a game: it is annoying sometimes. and sometimes you’re in the agony. Conquering on this social network is not easy at all. Every Instagram fan cares whether he has a good photo and how many followers he has. Now, we will present some of the secret tips, which can help you in improving your Instagram profile.

instagram pic

Use a filter Mayfair

Although statistics show that the hashtag #nofilter is the most popular hashtag on Instagram, if we do not use any filter, it will have a negative impact on the look of your photos. Filter Mayfair is one of the mildest filters that you can use, and giving you a chance to “tune”the picture at the minimum level. It yields about 23 likes and comments.mayfair filter

Post daily

According to a study from 2013, Instagram has visited throughout the day, and his companions use it from morning to evening, whether to like, comment or share. This means that regardless of the time in which you follow (early in the morning, during working hours, during your lunch break or evening), your post will be visible, and people will react to it.

Post Videos After Work

Unlike photos that list throughout the day, the video clips are “under study” mostly after work and between 9 pm and 8 am. The explanation is simple. People do not want to create noise in the workplace their mobile phones. If you want your videos with more views, post after work.

Use #hashtag

hashtagAlthough many people believe that the hashtag “killer” of social networks, a research shows that it is still relevant. Instagram geeks who have more than a thousand followers respect the average of 11 hashtags on one photo – they yield even 78 likes and comments. Small lesson: it may seem intimidating to place your perfect photos, but it is preferable to use them if you want your profile to be accompanied by more people.

Post on Sundays and Mondays

A study from 2013 showed that the most popular day for posting is Thursday. Posts Made on Sunday and Monday are the richest and most people see, make comments or like them.

Write Interesting Picture Headlines

Who wants to see a nice picture on Instagram without interesting inscriptions? Use as many emoticons to spice up the label and use the hashtag only in an ironic sense.

Ask a friend

after work picWhen you are in doubt which image to post on the Instagram or which filter to use, always ask your friends for their opinion. A true friend will always give you an honest answer what is really cool, but what is not the place to Instagram.

Do Not Take Instagram too Seriously!

However, this is only one social network among many others and Instagram is just made for good entertainment. Therefore, do not upload pictures that are “dark” in the emotional sense – only post funny and happy pictures.

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Stability issue of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Stability issue of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Every game has problems, and games that get a major recognition, games on mobile devices, often suffer from the low stability of their servers and game in general. This lack of stability comes from huge player pool that shake the servers. But that is only one of the reasons for game crashes.

Game crashing is problem of many games, but in this article my focus will rest on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This game is good, but it has few things that cause constant game crashing, and I want to address those problems and see what needs to be done to ensure a gameplay without crashes.

kim-kardashianKim Kardashian: Hollywood suffers from two major factors that cause crashes. One of them is the  strength of internet connection, while other is connected to system resources.

This game is quite resource hungry and it will crash if there is not enough memory or CPU time gor it. So you will have to close all of the other application that are not essential in order to play this game without crashing.

enhanced-11129-1405736191-16If you are android user go through settings and applications, and turn off all applications appart from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and those that are necessary to keep your phone going.

If your choice of device is an iOS device that runs on iOS 7 then go to home and clear out all application that are running in the background. For older versions of iOS you will have to follow the same process but to shut down applications you will have to hold your finger on them until it shows a minus sign on them.

If you follow the instructions and your game crashes try to restart your device and run your game again, it should resolve issues. IF it doesn’t it means that your device lacks the power to run Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

There  are few things that can cause your connection related crashes of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. First, avoid using 3G or 4G. It is not reliable enough to play a game like this that requires constant and steady connection. Traffic on the internet in your area affects both 3G and 4G, so you should avoid them, and use a reliable WiFi connection instead. High bars on your connection is not good criterion. It shows how strong the signal is, but it doesn’t  reflect the throughput of the said signal.

9150940_f520But, sometimes good strength of your WiFI signal may be not enough to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and it will crash even if you have all the bars of the world. In that case you should check whether your bandwidth is limited. It may be limited due to other users that are sharing that network connection. If one or more people do use it, and they are watching videos or other activities that are bandwidth intensive. To check for things like that ,you can download one of the free apps that measure bandwidth strength of the network connection you are connected to. This way  you can determine whether it is worth to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood at that moment or not. If everything is good and you want a little bit of extra help try Kim Kardashian game cheat codes.

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